About us


Our company, ROOC, has started its operations in Turkey in 2011 as an importer.


ROOC gained in a short time in Turkey has successfully capture the market, especially hypermarkets and discount markets in a very good sales trend. It has received great appreciation from consumers with its variety of quality and affordable products. ROOC knife with brand awareness has taken place in the front ranks in Turkey's market.


ROOC in Turkey has started to production in 2016.


ROOC, which maintains the same success with "Made in Turkey" products as well as the products imported from China, continues its exports with the Middle East and Balkan countries and continues with North Africa, Europe and other countries.

Turkey (Zuchex), Hong Kong (Mega Show), Germany (Ambiente) and the United States, Chicago (IHHS), we decided to open to the world with these fairs.


We aim to become a worldwide brandname with our blade factories in China and in Turkey over the next three years.


ROOC family primarily focuses on customer satisfaction/loyalty and relies on continuous customer-centric management. By leveraging our market knowledge and innovative products portfolio, we are providing sustainable profitability to our distributors. We are creating a brand identity and image with our people, innovation, global network and distinctively designed products in global kitchenware industry. Our strength is the highest responsiveness level to evolving customer needs. We achieve this through managing supply chains in a fast, effective and efficient way. We believe below is the answer to Why ROOC?

  • Our passion to our brand and products
  • Unique design and quality
  • Customer-centric approach
  • Value our people and innovation
  • Broad distributing channels